Transformation: 20 years in the making of a man named Mac

Paintings, Drawings and Prints by Mac MacDougall

Show Description

“These self portraits set me free.  They allowed me to abandon the notion that I was someone who I truly was not, and held my hand while I let go of all that others in the world said I was. Transformation: 20 years in the making of a man named Mac  is about  the process of shedding an identity that was placed upon me to become who I am.  I think everyone can relate to this.” – Mac MacDougall

 MacDougall’s journey of gender transformation is poignantly explored through self portraits that showcase the artists emotional journey as much as his physical one. The portraits move in and out of focus, a collapsed and tangled bundle of red lines, a body simply defined by a few brush strokes, and in the final and most recent portrait an expectant looking face finally looking directly at the viewer.  This artistic journal invites the viewer to see gender surgery as a process that we can all relate to – the innate desire to been seen and responded to as who we truly believe ourselves to be.

  Transformation: 20 years in the making of the man named Mac runs from January, 7th, 2013 - March 1st, 2013 at 150 Waterman St #6, Providence RI.  Please come out for the opening reception January 17th from 6-8pm to meet and participate in Q&A with the artist.

  Mac MacDougall  lives and works in Pawtucket, RI.